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Making Videos for Family and Friends, For Now

Dad Films started around 1999 with a VHS tape production of a high school band halftime show.  It has become one of the premiere video companies that does absolutely nothing.  Our zero billion dollar annual revenue fits nicely into a portfolio of non-starters that are the evvy of no one.


Professional Video Meets Nothing To Say

Hobbys are fun and this is fun for me. So if you don't like it, get lost.


Audio Restorations, Kid's Videos and Less

We have restored old LP recordings for various people around the USA just for grins.  We have created a kid's story series, "Bedtime Stories with Boomer" with eight episdoes (and more coming) which has been seen by a handful of people. We don't believe in posting many web videos, as that requires getting rights and other stuff with which we can't be bothered.

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The Future is Ours

Upon official retirement, I'll get more into this, but for now, use the email if you want to order a copy of one of the old band videos.  Yup, they still exist! And one day, we'll have more to offer for your video and audio needs.  Maybe.

Dad Films is Mark Daniel


None, really. At least not yet. Check back soon if you have absolutely nothing to do.